Integrated Process Analytics

MightySoft offers the exact capabilities our customer's require: very strong and broad subject matter expertise directly related to the development and production of your product lines, combined with very cost effective agile software development capabilities that together, provide the best value obtainable anywhere for increasing affordability and profitability.

For example, MightySoft program performance management solutions for aerospace and DoD provides best in class processes for critical business visibility. We help implement efficient and practical methods to reduce risk, and increase confidence.

Our Agile-Centric Approach Is Superior

"Agile software development is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. It is a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle."  Agile Software Development, Wikipedia

Rich Client Application Development and Effective Database Solutions

Using Microsoft technologies, we create custom solutions properly sized to the requirement and budget. For applications that require fast responsiveness, independent of web traffic and congestion, we use Windows Forms to create a rich user experience. MightySoft's experience with implementing database technology is unparalled. Using the proper database engine for the requirement. Large or small, we create solutions that scale properly from small departments to enterprise levels.

Project Management (Software and/or Hardware)

Too busy to keep your software project on track? Give us a call, we can manage your projects and provide leadership in a variety of ways using proven methodologies that have a long line of successes.

Web Presence

We believe all modern businesses need some form of presence on the World Wide Web. We help businesses simply create an online identity or a presence that allows for business with customers, maintain and improve relationships with your business partners or exchange data with other businesses – online or not. Whether you have an existing site, or you're creating a new site, our web site services provide an easy and affordable means for your organization to optimize it's use of the Internet. Manage content and members online, post events and discussion items or create groups and mailing lists.

Web Applications Architecture, Design and Implementation

Rich Internet Application Services simplify the development of n-tier solutions with Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development technologies, such as Microsoft Silverlight. MightySoft provides powerful RIA-based e-commerce, database application architecture and development services for customers seeking smart solutions for large, scalable web sites. Our web development experience includes intelligent intranets/extranets with eDMZ security capabilities, Microsoft SharePoint Server / MOSS, and large-scale database web applications that accommodate many thousands of concurrent users.

Mobile Application Solutions

It's a given that mobile computing is here and will continue to make its way into most aspects of our digital world. MightySoft is well equipped to offer the mobile market fascinating apps that provide a rich user experience.

MightySoft's mobile offering's primary focus is Windows Phone devices and devices related to Microsoft's Metro user interface, such as Windows 8. However, we continue to develop technical depth in mobile applications development that will include major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our application development process allows us to route solutions from concept to implementation, making your mobile application available in the market space quickly.

Customer Support

Our legendary customer support converts ordinary customers into lifetime customers by delivering extraordinary service and commitment. MightySoft provides a positive, world-class experience to our customers via phone, email, and onsite when required. Remote maintenance is strongly encouraged to reduce costs associated with travel and workstation requirements.

MightySoft Support Technician's Guiding Principals

  • Our support technicians maintain close contact with customers regarding lead-time, schedule availability, service cost and all issues that could effect delivery, service schedule or cost. We closely monitor and maintain service requests through delivery.
  • We respond to and resolve customer issues quickly, if possible, or contact those appropriate. Keep the functional individuals or groups aware of customer needs and expectations.
  • We proactively identify opportunities to improve customer expectations and maintain focus on continuous improvement by researching and suggesting improved, cost-efficient services. Initiate or participate in events to improve service process through appropriate channels.


SAP, a world leading ERP software provider, needed self-service value caclulators to help plot a company on standard industry Stage Of Excellence (SOE) charts, and required the calculators to debut at an upcoming SAPHIRE international convention hosted in Florida.

Through a series of questioning and data collection procedures, this tool needed to indicate a prospect's placement within the SCM or CRM industry's Stage Of Excellence.


Harnessing data from various market data sources and historical information it maintained, MightySoft provided a web solution was seemlessly integrated into consumer consumer web sites. The design of the calculators allowed the company to dynamically add additional solution areas without modifying the code base or database layers. MightySoft was responsible for developing and implementing web services (brokers) and data models. The product interacted with the Dun & Bradstreet object library and interfaced internal data stores.


Northrop Grumman required certain technical solutions within key areas of Engineering, Business Management and Manufacturing. Northrop also needed specialized engineering design management solutions for flight test management, risk management and end-to-end visibility metrics reporting for highly visible Unmanned Systems' Program Offices.

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a leading global defense and technology company whose 70,000 employees provide innovative systems, products, and solutions in information services, electronics and aerospace to government and commercial customers worldwide.


MightySoft provided large multi-program business systems integration leadership, and was responsible for building and supporting cross-sector web-based estimating systems that directly contribute to significant contract awards. MightySoft was also responsible for architecting the redevelopment of certain key business applications leveraging stable technologies and provided leadership in Sector software development efforts.


American Science & Engineering required MRP reporting and visibility tools to better gauge process compliance in an effort to reduce risk and achieve ISO 9001 quality certification for its core businesses.


MightySoft engaged in all key business areas to provide technical design, architecture and development assistance. Developed MRP data stores for various complex, business specific reporting mechanisms. Data store reporting was used to drive executive level, scheduling and purchasing decision based business with government and commercial agencies. MightySoft built user interfaces providing various access methods including web reporting, client/server job streaming, automated XML based feeds to other corporate systems and extensive data import/export functionality.


Church & Dwight, a $1B fortune 500 chemical producing company and owners of the Arm & Hammer brand, needed help streamlining its various corporate, consumer and business web presence.


MightySoft gathered requirements and architected a common architecture framework that provided a themed web presence aligning consumer, supply chain and eProcument business areas for it's 100+ web domains.


A midsized aerospace company in Southern California was in the process of bidding a new aircraft program for a customer within DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.) The solution proposed was to be based solely on a set of performance requirements, the only independent variable being recurring unit “flyaway” price (UFP). The proposal was a must win for the company and the competition included several major firms.


Using the company’s relevant historical costs, labor hour standards, past performance data and team member proposals, MightySoft provided multiple, progressive cost analyses during the design trades, enabling the development of an optimal design that was based on a detailed, data driven basis of estimate. MightySoft wrote the accompanying section within the cost volume that provided justification for the UFP, including the closed loop cost tracking system that would ensure UFP compliance once the program was underway. The proposal won, resulting in development and initial production contracts worth more than $150 million dollars.


Composite Optics Incorporated (now a division of Alliant Technologies) was experiencing very rapid growth due to high demand for its advanced spacecraft, aircraft and ceramics products. As an employee owned small business, COI needed an affordable, tailored solution to improve the efficiency of its proposal teams while producing a very high volume of proposals.


MightySoft provided an automated, centrally managed, distributed pricing and estimating system that enabled program managers and scientists to quickly produce high quality, compliant cost estimates. These improvements facilitated a tripling of COI’s revenue without the addition of any dedicated pricing and estimating personnel.


Fidelity Investments needed a system to track the movement of assets assigned to traders on its various World Trade Center Capital Markets trading floors. Fidelity also needed assistance in managing employee and contractor organizational data.


Developed a securities trading floor support system used by more than 30+ internal support personnel. Enables the capture and reporting on all information pertaining to the maintenance of FCM’s trading floors. On subsequent engagements, Enabled FCM to take charge of their own human resource management needs by providing a structure that maintains a multi-level assignment of employees and contractors to organizations, business units and departmental groups and maintains manager to employee relationships. Based on Coopers and Lybrand’s system development methodology, researched and designed a fully functional project tracking system. This system provides FCM management the ability to track system projects and their statuses based on multi-company, multi-project development efforts.


Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical (now a division of Northrop Grumman corporation) was bidding a major new program for a small air launched unmanned air vehicle system. The RFP required development and test of a proof-of-concept design that could be readily transitioned to a production run of several thousand units. Performance objectives and average unit price were the only constraints, all other aspects of the project were variable at contractor discretion. The challenge was to develop an optimized, producible design supported by a detailed, convincing proposal.


Principals from MightySoft provided cost estimates for each of several design alternatives for a low cost, high volume design and related tooling and manufacturing methods and processes, some of which were based on automotive technology. In addition, we developed a proposal strategy, cost estimates for trade studies and final nonrecurring and recurring program cost estimates. We also wrote key cost and design concept justification sections within the management and technical volumes. The proposal won and resulted in contract award worth more than $25 million.

Integrated Process Analytics is our proven method for developing custom business software.

MightySoft consultants will work with your subject matter experts to analyze existing processes, optimize them and develop custom software tools to minimize costs, maximize profits and put you ahead of the competition.


We have been developing optimized processes and implementing custom software solutions for a diverse client base since 1993.

We deploy small but very capable teams that deliver cost effective business solutions in a fraction of the time required by traditional software development firms. Our consulting staff averages 17 years in business software development. Our programmers have an average of 15 years experience developing Web Based software solutions.


We harness the power of state-of-the-art information technology and put it to work for you. We develop solutions that minimize the inputs and maximize the outputs of your workforce. These are just a few recent examples of how we have helped our clients develop web based applications.
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